~Intentional Alchemical Healings~

Change can be one of the GREATEST gifts we can receive for growth, understanding and evolution. It's not always easy, but when we're willing to face our biggest fears and setbacks, there is always a reward. When we say "yes" to ourselves and confront what has been holding us back from truly loving ourselves, we allow ourselves to transform in magical ways we could never have imagined.

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Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant dialogue with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to help you understand your Soul's journey

Intentional Alchemical


Intentional healings for deep transformation from trauma, addictions, bad memories and foreign Energy

Pet Healing & Channeled Messages

Pet readings and healings for your beloved furry friend for a long, healthy, happy life

What Clients Are Saying:​


"We came to Claudia because our bunny, Peanut, was not eating and was very sick. Claudia was able to communicate with Peanut, and provide us important information regarding his health, life before he came to us, and his needs. This had occurred after several vet visits, and Claudia's information immediately helped start our bunny on his path towards healing physically. It was apparent through what Claudia shared that she was able to make a loving and safe connection with Peanut, allowing her to receive information that we had not been given from other animal healers."


"First of all, Claudia is a beautiful, loving, nurturing, and talented Divine Feminine and I'm so grateful she's on this planet at this time of great transformation and transition into a higher vibratory frequency. Secondly, she's very competent with Spirituality, whether that's intuition, chakras, belief systems, healing and rebalancing, energy, frequency, and vibration, the understanding of how this physical reality and 3D holographic universe work, her understanding of our ancestors, their experiences, wisdom, and offerings, and honoring them, and the amount of work she put into herself to get where she is today (a lot!). Thirdly (and probably most importantly), her passion, love, positivity, and enthusiasm to not only learn but to teach is refreshing and much-needed. Thank you, Claudia. Much love, lots of appreciation, and all the blessings! ❤ 🙏"


"I am always amazed at how quickly Claudia receives information; she really does not waste any time. She is confident, grounded and experienced with her gifts and that is exactly the support I need from time to time. She helped me choose a direction when I was confused over 3 different options that all seemed good. By her helping me start with one of them it has changed my life more then I ever thought possible. It has connected with me community, challenged me in ways that have inspired massive growth. Without her help I would quite possibly be stuck in indecision still. I am moving forward and know that I am on my highest path. Do yourself a favor a try one of her psychic sessions."


"Claudia has been so helpful to me on numerous occasions. The guidance she channeled has been pivotal in life transitions and changes and has helped me to grow more deeply and live a more authentic life. Claudia is authentic, compassionate, and a master at her craft. I listen to our readings frequently and find new layers of insight each time. I give her my highest recommendation!"