Psychic Readings & Pet Healings

Go Beyond The Physical Realm 

What I Do

I am messenger for the Divine. As a live vessel, I tap into your energy field to see what you are projecting out to the rest of the world. I look at your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to provide you information on what changes you can make to heal your mind, body and Spirit. I assist in facilitating the wisdom of your own soul to give you the clarity you need to heal your own life. Every reading is unique to each individual. Readings can include past life lessons, meeting your personal Spirit Guides, channeled messages from past loved ones and a physical health check (i.e. imbalances in the body, diseases etc). The information that is channeled in from Creator, is specific to the issues and circumstances that you are presently being challenged with.

Aura/Chakra Cleanse & Balance

The Aura and Chakra systems become polluted with excess energy caused by low vibrating thoughts of fear. Einstein told us that "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another." Through the practice of self awareness we can transmute our energy into something that serves us in a positive way. Keeping our energy field and energy centers aligned is important because it affects every area of our life. Sitting in low vibrating energy will attract negativity, depression and sickness.  An Aura and Chakra Healing will help energy move through phases and growth periods peacefully and grounded. Clients have reported that after they receive an Aura and Chakra Cleanse, they feel lighter and happier. One client described it as, "Like a heavy cloud being removed."

Pet Healings/Readings

Our pets communicate with us all the time. Often times we are so consumed with our own issues and problems that we overlook our furry friends. If your pet is sick or has behavior challenges, a reading or healing will help determine how best to help heal your animal. During a healing or reading, I channel St. Francis of Assisi, along with other Spirit Guides and Animal Healers to assist in aiding your pet back to health. Animal readings can be done in person or remotely. If you are seeking a healing for your pet, an in person consultation would be more effective. For more information on readings and healings for your pet please contact me directly.


"I have met with a lot of psychics and one thing about them is that there is an overwhelming sense of vagueness, as if the details are too fine to grasp. Everyone has been told "Your soul mate is coming soon!" or something similarly vague and cliche. With Claudia I felt as if the cliche didn't exist and she was able to pick up on things no one else has, and was able to tell me things no one else has. She also zeros in on the cause of why things are the way they are and explains these things in easy to grasp concepts. And lastly, she not so much as gives predictions as she gives possibilities that resonate with you, emphasizing your free will, giving you back your power from that concept of destiny as an immovable and oppressing object."

~Jennifer L. Lopez, Fashion Designer~