Pet Readings and Healings

As an animal communicator, I come across some pretty amazing and funny animals. When I do a pet reading and healing, I ask the client (parent of the pet), to send a picture, the name of the pet and their questions prior to their scheduled appointment time. I will do the session with the pet and my animal guides before the live session on Zoom with the parent. Please note this session consists of a pet reading AND healing.

The reading portion of the session entails having a dialogue with the pet based on the questions provided and taking notes on any messages they have for their owners. During the healing, my animal guides and healers will work on any pain or imbalances in the body including cleansing and balancing th​e chakra system. After I have gathered all of the information from your pet and Guides, we (pet owner and I) will meet on Zoom to discuss what transpired in the session with the pet. The pet reading & healing is about 50 minutes (which I do prior to our Zoom call). The Zoom call is about 25 min. 

75 Minutes, $160.00


Conscious Communication with our pets

A session with me can uncover your pet’s spiritual and material needs and can help you understand some of the more complex messages they may be trying to share with you.

Sharing some lessons from our animal friends

I have to admit that readings and healings with pets are my favorite. They tell me all sorts of stuff about their health, their likes and dislikes and sometimes even about their species. I'm sharing just a few of the lessons we can learn from them here.

Lovingly resolve misunderstandings

One of my clients is a sweet, loving, English Springer Spaniel and boy is he particular about how he likes his bed. During a reading, he asked me to tell his mom to stop making his bed and to leave it the way he worked so hard to arrange it. When I passed on the message to his mom, we both had a good laugh because she confessed that she would fix his bed multiple times throughout the day.

Discover how to put your pet at ease

This same client is also rescue and has a lot of anxiety about not knowing plans in advance. His mom had been wanting to move locations for quite some time. She already had a city in mind, but needed to sell her current home first. His mom would take him up to the new location for weeks at a time and he could feel something was about to change with his living situation. He told me that he would get very anxious and upset when he didn’t know what was going on, so he asked me to pass on the message that it would really put him at ease if his mom would communicate to him in advance what activities she was planning both short term and long term, including trips to the vet and the dentist.

Help your pet feel secure in the family

During another client dog reading, a dog shared with me that all he wanted from life was to please his owner. This particular dog was a rescue and had been in several homes due to his hyper energy. He would often times try to get the attention of his owner by standing right in front of her and getting in the way of whatever she was doing. The owner was very confused about his behavior and resented him for it. When I explained to the owner that all the dog wanted was to please her, she admitted that one of the problems was that she had another dog that she considered her protector. She didn’t feel she needed another protector as a dog, but she also hadn’t communicated to him his role in the family unit. This realization provided a lot of clarity so she could work on building her relationship with her dog and help him become more at ease.

Allowing animals to share their 

fascinating world with us

A dog once shared with me that dogs can recognize their own species even if they look nothing alike. Inherently, they know that they are the same species. Recently, I had a cat share with me that in the Animal Kingdom there is a hierarchy of soul evolution. This particular cat was a very advanced animal soul. She shared with me that she had experienced many reincarnations as various animals and had spent the last 20 incarnations with her current mom. When I passed on the message to her mom, the mom affirmed that she too felt they had been together in many lifetimes.