Intuitive Coaching for Business Development

A business is a living, breathing entity. It has a pulse, personality and character. An enlightened business owner can navigate the ups and downs of a growing business with additional tools in their toolbox and a surprising edge on the competition; intuition.

Intuition became an undervalued skill in our fast-paced world for a long time. It is finally being recognized again as a key business advantage, with articles appearing in respected business magazines such as Forbes and the Harvard Business Review.

I help business owners recognize, tap into, 

and strengthen intuition.

My strong background in corporate business strategy, my MBA in Entrepreneurship, and Bachelors in Business of Science Management provide me with the understanding of how to combine practical with intuition.

Having set up my first business at 23, I spent many of the following years as a corporate procurement strategist in manufacturing within the food, automotive and veterinarian industries. I negotiated multi-million dollar contracts with global suppliers for cost-effective supplies and ingredients. I bring that same excellence and business sense that I applied to developing and implementing cost savings strategies for large multi-million dollar companies to my business readings and services. 

During a business reading, I tune into the health and vitality of your business. Topics may include:

  • Intuitive business model implementation.
  • Upcoming decisions you're grappling with.
  • Personnel dynamics, including wrong personnel in certain skilled positions.
  • Competitive landscape.
  • Cash flow health and asset management decisions.
  • Business expansion potentials, including roadblocks to look out for.
  • Weak links in an organization; whether it's a person, department, or strategy.
  • Potential relocations of business to other states.
  • Key topics identified by you as your personal business priorities. I've detailed common challenges brought to me, below.

When I look at the business in its entirety I am able to see any gaps in the flow of the organization. For example, I can see if a business is spending too much in one area or department and lacking in another. 

I can give you recommendations based on the results, and we can discuss further intuitive coaching to help you bring your business into alignment.

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Common Questions & Challenges

Examples of common questions & scenarios 

that I help business owners resolve

  • Hiring staff and personnel: I often get called when a client is looking to hire a particular person and they're not 100 % sure if the person is the right fit. I provide depth on the person's energy, personality, potential weaknesses, strengths, how they will get along with others, and what value they can potentially add to the organization.

  •  Considering entering a business partnership: We look at the potential challenges, strengths and weaknesses, communication style and how to navigate difficult conversations, workload distribution, and timeline of when to enter into partnerships.

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