Soul Readings & ​Healings

My primary reading is called the Rose Reading. The Rose Reading is a symbolic way to read a person's energy. 

🌹 The flower of the rose represents personality, characteristics, and the energy a person is projecting out into the world in the present time. 

🌹 The colors, shape, size, and number of petals of the Rose will describe the person's energy. 

🌹 The colors of the Rose correlate to the chakra system (from base to crown).

🌹 The stem of the Rose represents how well the client is able to set boundaries, while the ground the Rose grows in represents how other people's energy affects the energy of the client.

This method of reading will help you understand your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects - what's working well for you and what's blocked.

In these readings, anything can come through. Some common elements that arise include:
  • Past lives
  • Loved ones that have crossed over
  • Patterns of behavior & repeating cycles 
  • Health issues
  • Relationship blocks
  • Money blocks 
  • Conditioning and belief systems inherited from family and society that no longer serve a person's highest good.

That said, each soul reading is as unique as a fingerprint - what comes through for you is what you are meant to know at the time of the reading.

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