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I am a "repeat" client of Claudia's and a HUGE animal lover. I was intrigued by the concept of a Pet Reading, but little did I know it would be such a profound, emotional and powerful experience. I have a very deep bond with both of my cats, Luna and Simba who weren't getting along - not uncommon for a multi-cat household, but it had been well over a year since Simba joined us as a kitten and Luna was still barely tolerating Simba on a good day. Meanwhile they each started developing new, incredibly annoying "stress" habits (excessive litter box digging, etc.) that were beyond the standard territorial instincts described on the internet. Nothing I did, tried, or googled was doing any good. I was also going through a series of unexpected life changes at the time so I worried my own stress or negative emotions were affecting them. Naturally, it was time to explore a spiritual solution! I was already amazed with Claudia from personal readings with her, but I didn't know what to expect with a pet reading. My expectations were "hesitantly hopeful" but I got SO MUCH MORE than I thought possible. Claudia was so incredibly thorough and truly took her time with my (laundry list of questions!) even the "not important, but fun" questions like "Where was Luna born, did she know her mom?" She was able to provide COMPLETELY on-point insight into the dynamics between my cats with thoughtful, actionable recommendations to support each of them. I genuinely felt like she unequivocally knew each of them in a deep way which is indescribably cool, but it is also super amusing to hear the nuances in her delivery that so perfectly capture the uniqueness of each cat - the little things I felt "only I would know as the mom!" I had to pause the recording several times because I was crying. That is what makes these readings so special. There's an intangible something that I love about Claudia's delivery (in all of her readings) that is so authentic, patient, and loving - when I played my recording I swear my cats recognized her! It adds another dimension to your relationship with your pet when you understand the greater context of THEIR journey and their role in your life. Even without a behavioral "issue" to address, the value of being able to hear from each of my cats on such a personal level made me love and respect them even more. 


I was looking for someone to heal one of my cats, but I needed to trust. So exchanging, Claudia was recommended to me and YES. I was amazed by the session that Claudia had with my cat LLIURE. Very insightful, qualitative and loving. Since then, I have made some changes in our life and we are feeling more and more peaceful. This session was not for me but it also brought to me tears of gratitude. Thank you Claudia.


Claudia is a magical, wonderful creature! I was recommended to her from someone I have been following for many years with whom I strongly resonate, and in true spirit that same goes for Claudia. She has innate gifts and a beautiful presence and power she brings to life when you connect with her. She has provided me with deep insight and validation on what has been coming up for me, my path ahead and the gifts that are inside of me waiting to bloom. I highly recommend Claudia for anyone who wants to feel more connected to themselves, see more of their truth and lessons in this lifetime, as well as harness their own personal divine power.


I had a pleasure of working with Claudia and have a reading for myself and my two dogs. It was all great. Specifically for my dogs and Claudia guided me to adjust their diet and all their symptoms got healed. Thank you for being a voice for voiceless. 


Claudia had a very important impact in my development as a Lightworker. Her kindness and healing presence made the experience of receiving the information and the healing that I needed in a safe and mind blowing way. I'm truly grateful for her light in my life, as she helped me embrace who I am today. Thank you, Claudia! 


What our customers are saying

I have been so blessed to work with Claudia for the past 2 years. I've received numerous kinds of readings from her including the soul reading, healing sessions, and a business reading. As an intuitive healer myself, I have referred numerous people to her, all who have raved about her accuracy and loving and wise guidance. When I first came to Claudia, I was at the beginning of another massive healing passage that was transforming my life and identity. She gave me invaluable insight into what was happening at a much bigger spiritual level, karmically and across lifetimes, that not just resonated with me but also gave me so much comfort and reassurance that I was on the right path. She accurately predicted all the things that I had no idea would come to fruition- from moving to a new house, finding a new partner, and expanding my business. She is my go-to for spiritual support and insight and healing, and I know that without her loving guidance these past 2 years, I would be in a very different place. I am infinitely grateful for her profound gifts and so grateful to have her on my side as an invaluable teacher and friend.


Claudia has been amazing. Many times she has been the only one to be accurate in many challenges we face daily. She taught me how to meditate that is truly priceless!!!


-As a nurse, I had continued to created habits of helping others before seeing what needed to be done for myself first.

-Claudia lovingly help guide me to a more loving healthier path that also supports me in my spiritual growth.

-She has helped me gain clarity, insight and peace dealing with life's challenges that includes when I lost my beautiful companion "Daisy".

Daisy, a mini dachshund and companion that traveled with me on assignments for 17yrs, faithful friend and beautiful loving energy that was always there for me until she unexpectedly passed in 2021. Claudia's support during this time was so very welcome.

The guidance, clarity, insight and support Claudia has so lovingly given continues to be a beautiful blessing that I am so very grateful for.


Claudia is a powerful intuitive medium. She helped me to consciously learn to trust my inner voice, to clean my mind and trust my feelings. Her gifts go far beyond what I can explain and the “result” was a huge shift in consciousness and upgrade in my life. Thank you Claudia for what you do, your work is so needed on this planet.


What our customers are saying

My experience with Claudia was amazing! This was the first healing I ever had and she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I had been suffering from headaches and stomach pain, but she healed both of those. Once she was finished it felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt wonderful. Thank you, Claudia!


What our customers are saying

I found Claudia's reading to be insightful and I got a lot out of it. She has a gentle way of communicating the energy that she's picking up on and I can tell that she is discerning with what she shares with you. Claudia confirmed many things that I was already aware of. Her positivity was weaved into the reading without trying to drum up any fear in me. That alone is rare to find because I've found that some readers lack integrity and will make fear-based comments to reel me in longer, rather than staying in the light with positive solutions.

~ Ariel~

What our customers are saying

I have met with Claudia twice and she is very caring and engaging. She has taught me to open up to my own awareness and healing. Claudia is skilled at seeing what a person needs. The readings have been highly intuitive, clear, focused, and empowering. She truly listens and her suggestions are specifically tailored for my personal path and circumstances. She has been teaching my eight-year-old son and my five-year-old daughter meditation. This has allowed my children, especially my eight-year-old, to focus better on homework and be less stressed with Friday tests. I think we can best serve others when we ourselves are healed on all levels. Our inner transformation then becomes outer transformation changing others and the world. I hope my example inspires people to live happier, healthier, and more abundant. Thank you, Claudia!


What our customers are saying

I’ve been having an acid reflux problem with my stomach for over 2 years. I don’t have a good appetite, and the worst symptom I have is hardly feeling hungry. The next morning after I received the first healing treatment from Claudia, I felt very hungry. I actually wanted to eat, and I haven’t felt that way in a long time. The day after the third healing, I felt I have not eaten for many days so I ate so much that day. Thank you, Claudia for allowing me to have a better appetite today.

~ Eric~

Claudia is an amazing clairvoyant and healer, she helped my Soul successfully and faithfully navigate extremely challenging times. Her loving and authentic approach is remarkable, her intuition, dedication and finely tuned skills are a wonderful recipe for a positive and successful outcome. I am very grateful for her services and the change she has helped me achieve. Thank you, Claudia, for the healing you are bestowing us with through your amazing work! Many Blessings!


What our customers are saying

I can honestly say I was skeptical about a healing before I understood what it was. However, Claudia put me at ease with her professionalism, and tranquility, and explained everything thoroughly. I left feeling like my foggy head had been cleared of everything stressing me out, and I was able to go home and actually sit down to think about things that would normally make me anxious. The healing left me with a sense of peace that's unlike anything I'd experienced before that.


What our customers are saying

Claudia was able to tell me things that I knew, but she also tapped into things I could never quite put my finger on. Those are the things that were keeping me back in my life, and I would have never been able to tap into them without her specific guidance. What I appreciated the most about Claudia's approach was that she cares immensely about making sure I understood each concept and spending an appropriate amount of time prepping me for the reading. I felt, instantly, like the fog was lifted after my reading and after following her suggestions, I know I'm on the path I need to be for happiness. I owe Claudia a lot and can't wait to see her again. I've happily referred her to several of my friends and will continue to do so. 

~ Star~

What our customers are saying

I can honestly say that since I have met Claudia and have been getting readings, my life has changed for the better. She truly has an amazing gift. With each reading, I learn more about myself and how there are so many situations in our life that we can control if we truly put our heart and mind to it. I’m so thankful to have met her and will continue going to her. She has helped me get out of my darkness and see the light.


What our customers are saying

Claudia is a sincere and kind person with a loving heart that is connected to the source from which we all are a part of. We referred our friends, family, our patients and ourselves to Claudia for spiritual healing and guidance. We appreciate Claudia's services and wish that others could be helped by her for years to come.

~Dr. Vincent D.C. and Dr. Jean D.C.~

What our customers are saying

Claudia, My reading and healing sessions with you were unlike anything I've ever experienced. You definitely zoned in on the significant issues and helped me understand some of my symptoms and the roots of my issues. Your kindness, insight and professionalism are much appreciated and have been so helpful. I feel like I know where to come next time I'm feeling lost. You are a truly amazing soul!


What our customers are saying

I love your energy and clarity. You zoned in exactly where my focuses are, helping me connect loose ends and clear up smudgy blocks. Thank you for helping me find old and new tools in my tool box :) I look forward to more healing sessions with you going forward!


What our customers are saying

Claudia is one of the best psychics out there. She is professional. She explains the process and explains everything step by step. Before visiting Claudia, I was never aware of Energy Healing. She made me aware of energy around bad/good. After my first healing session I felt so good, almost a ton of weight lifted off me. I highly recommend her services. Thank you, Claudia!!!